Laundry Textile industrial uniforms stand up to the demands of every job that requires them.Flexible, breathable, and comfortable. Manufactured with exceptional durability and quality, our fully customized uniforms are also designed to withstand the rigors of institutional laundering.
Industrial Uniforms
Our industrial uniforms are Manufactured with exceptional durability and quality. We have developed ESD fabrics that will safely discharge electronic tension even after hundreds of wash cycles, while offering breathability and comfort.

Laundry Textile Coveralls are engineered for environments where risk is measured by the micron. Our extensive collection of garments solutions are designed for electrostatic protected areas (EPA), microelectronic, and semiconductor industries, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries, and optical research applications.
Corporate wear
Laundry Textile’s corporate apparel is manufactured to provide the freedom of movement that every professional needs, while providing sturdy coverage and style. Fashionable, crisp, clean and durable. Staff will make a statement in these garments, while develops its activities.