Depending upon the need, size of order and product demands, our supply chain team based out of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & China looks at various supply chain feasibilities, and come up with best solutions. For new products, we go all out and in through our exhaustive database and network of suppliers to evaluate best options. For existing product lines, our continuous updation of costs, and moving markets allow us to provide instant solutions to you with prices, leadtimes, and a complete SWOT analysis. In countries like India, regional factors like subsidies from the government, raw material availability, overhead and power costs also play a major role in supplier selection, so while our team researches all of that and more, our customers are rest assured of best quality products at best prices. Our contract manufacturing also ensures that our capacity utilization is optimal, and your size of orders are adjusted against various permutations & combinations to achieve optimal & sustainable costs.

Low Operational Costs- Our dedicated resources to include people, office spaces, and logistics are optimally utilized so that you don’t have to bear those costs

Phenomenal Network of Supply Base in Asia- Allows us to source products at best costs; our team is constantly traveling looking for newer opportunities

Understanding of the demands of the industry- Our team is well aware of the demands of the laundry, and with solid technical skills in textile material development, we provide excellent product match to your needs

Supply Chain Solutions through Technology- We are pioneers in the industry in using technology  to help better manage sourcing operations. From software to monitoring systems, our customers are aware what stage a product is in, and how the deliveries of any products would shape up

Contract Negotiations- Our long relationship with decision makers in the industry gives us an edge when it comes to negotiation over pricing or supply chain issues.  

Professionalism, Commitment & Delivery- We take the ownership of supplying the right product to you at right price in time. Our transparent approach and commitment to performance has helped build long-lasting relationships in the industry.